Friends please consider a visit to Village Community Acupuncture. Athletes here is an opportunity to get a tune up. For us folks that have suffered an injury or have everyday aches and pain here is a medication free fix. 6 weeks ago I could barely put weight on my left leg due to severe pain for over 3 months. Mr. Reed has treated me and I'm now 99% pain free and functional. Thank you!


I have had chronic back pain since an accident 20+ years ago and recently had a spasm that finally sent me to the ER. After meds and bed they prescribed provided little relief, acupuncture was recommended by a family friend.

Village Community Acupuncture & Massage Therapy was able to provide immediate relief. Matthew listened, explained the process and discussed the theory. The first treatment provided enough relief to drop the meds. By the third visit I had him working on my neck & shoulder, other areas with minor muscle tightness and he has been very successful.

I most appreciate the time they take. Each session we discuss the results of the last treatment. After an initial needling in the effected area they provide distal treatment (arms and legs). They take time, have a pretty good sense of humor and actually want to get it right.

The price is more than fair for the extent of the service they provide. I understand each experience is different with acupuncture but I couldn't be more pleased with Village Community Acupuncture & Massage Therapy. I also heard Matthew is a co-presenter for a seminar on treatment for sport related injury. I like it.


I have been to 4 sessions with Joshua and he is great! Very knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions you have. I plan on continuing with them for the duration of my needs and would recommend them highly.


Kate H.



I have been consistently experiencing pain on and off on my low bak near the SI joint. Josh suggested some small needles in that area and then he found the trigger point and treated that with acupuncture. It was a very quick treatment but the very next day my pain was reduced by at least half. I am scheduling another visit as his technique has helped immensely. Josh is extremely caring and sympathetic to each person he treats. He will go out of his way to help his patients. Great experience!


Karen G.



Josh is very good and fun person to be around. Very knowledgeable practice. Easy to deal with. Very reasonable pricing and easy to get too. Hr are convenient. 


John S.



Intelligent, professional, and listens to what you have to say. Josh is a warm and welcoming individual who provides quality acupuncture at an affordable price. He takes the time to listen to your individual needs and applies the most affective approach for your specific situation. One of the most important things I've learned about Josh is that he truly cares about people and helping them.





Nice, knows his stuff. It is a different kind of acuppunture.when I have been to others, it is dark in the room with music playing and i would fall asleep. Here it is well lighted and talking going on all the time....I found I can talk with the lights on and it does not affect the help of the therapy....I would reccomend them to do the acupunture...





Kind, personable, knowledgeable, professional. I have areas of my legs with blood congestion which an MD told me were permanent. Under Josh's care, I'm well on my way to disproving that doctor. The knowledge of the human body and it's workings that I've gained from Josh and Jami is extensive.


Lou Pizzuti



I've been seeing Josh for acupuncture & cupping for 2 years now. His business recently moved to an area where I have to travel 25 instead of 5 minutes to see him. I've fount this is well worth the trip!! I tried a few other local acupuncturists and did not get similar results from treatment. No matter what the issue, Josh addresses it in full during each visit, even if he has to spend extra time with me. He is the most thorough & competent acupuncturist I have come across in the last 10 years





My elderly mom suffers from sciatica. We have tried many things to give her relief and in desperation almost took her for a spinal injection. Then I we found Joshua and his periodic treatments have kept the crippling pain of this chronic condition under control.


Cherie K.



I had a back ache for about a week right in the middle of my back. I woke up one morning with horrible spasms which affected my breathe. I was flat on the living room floor and unable to move. My wife told me to try acupuncture. I was reluctant to try but at this point the pain was horrible. I called Josh, he saw me that afternoon and put some needles in my arm. I sat there for about 30 minutes and the spasms subsided. It's been almost 2 weeks and I have not had any spasms. I'm a believer.


Sam G.



I tried Chiropractors, trigger point injections, and Physical Therapy. I have gotten the most relief from Acupuncture and Massage. Josh and Jami will adapt to whatever the problem is, and do anything they can to help alleviate pain. They are both very knowledgeable, and good at what they do.


Bob N.



I have been seeing Josh for acupuncture for neck and back pain due to an automobile accident. I could hardly move my neck from side to side and my upper back was very sore and stiff. After being treated with both needles and cupping I am almost 100% better. He also uses ear acupuncture for stress relief which is amazing. Jami is a wonderful massage therapist; very caring and considerate. They are a great team. I am so much better these days. Thank you both so much.


Karen G.



I had acupuncture a few years ago for the pain in my shoulder. It helped to relieve my pain, but then I went back 2 work. I only went for acupuncture a few times. I should have kept going because later my shoulder froze up on me.


Elizabeth H.



Jon Bates


I have been to others but Josh got the results. He took the time to understand my condition and took personal interest in my care. I highly recommend The Art of Healing.

Patient Experiences

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