Our practitioners are deeply committed to elevating the standard of care in the field of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.  We believe that all patients should have access to the most advanced, clinically-tested techniques currently available.  That's why we founded Chinese Medicine That Works (CMTW) - a global community of like-minded and results driven practitioners.  

In August 2015, Joshua and Matthew formed the CMTW Facebook group to network with colleagues around the world to discuss tough cases and ensure that patients were getting the most effective care possible.  The group quickly swelled to a few thousand members, including many of the top practitioners on the planet.

Continuing Education

We have since expanded and officially formed a continuing education company, Chinese Medicine That Works, Ltd.  Through CMTW Ltd., we proudly provide educational workshops in both the United States and Europe.  Each of our workshops attracts dozens of practitioners from the  world over - forming life-long friendships and learning the latest and most clinically useful techniques available.  We also provide online education through our website, www.acuvids.com.